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“This album is full of the kind of music I love. A lot of folks believe this kind of music is dead, but it’s not dead. This kind of music isn’t gone, at least not yet. We carry it with us. It sustains us and sustains within us. These songs will be around long after I’m gone, and long after anyone else alive now is dead and gone too.”

Recorded Saturday, July 12th, 2014 at Lestat’s West in San Diego, California­.
“Live At Lestat’s West” Track listing:
1. “I Ain’t Got No Home” (Woody Guthrie)
2. “Down The Dirt Road Blues” (Charley Patton)
3. “Long And Wasted Years” (Bob Dylan)
4. “Talkin’ Old Geezer Bank Heist Blues” (K.C. Harris)
5. “Fishin’ Blues” (Henry Thomas)
6. “Green, Green Rocky Road” (Len Chandler/Robert Kaufman)
7. “Wasteland Blues” (K.C. Harris)