Liner Notes:

There is an authority in the voice of K.C. Harris that the ear is quick to accept. It’s reminiscent of artists like Ernest Tubb, Dave Dudley, and Junior Brown. A Big Sky of a voice. The element of fire flickers through his lyrics like they’re branded into the High Plains. Harris’ baritone is part of the story, summoning images of windblown wood, blue skies, a burning sun, like a Remington painting. That being said, this ain’t no cowboy show. The tumbleweeds on this terrain include references to Rimbaud, Dostoyevsky and the Bible, painting a landscape of seared emotions at odds with the cool beauty of the cerebral world.

His original songs are flying dreams, lyrical prophecies, pictures from life’s other side, (“A pack of hounds are crying / Under gunfire while they chase / The singing bells of art and sound / And the remnants of their face” – You’re Going Too), with war, predation, exile and slaughter as a prelude to more serious betrayals. (“He cursed the world around him for all he had become / but he never once cursed her for everything she had done” -Headin’ Back). Within his songs are subtle clues as to where his influences leave off and his own original path begins. His feeling for everything he sings is ever-present. You can’t find a time and place to put it but you want to listen and learn.
– Paul Rishell & Annie Raines

K.C. Harris, guitar, harmonica, piano
Daniel Lennon, guitar
Jack McChesney, drums
Joe Soldati, bass
Riley Hoover, guitar
Brian Graham, guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Cardinal at Dimension Sound Studios – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Photography by Louise Bichan